Cheating church elder’s wife pours hubby hot oil after conniving with lover to desert him

Cheating church elder’s wife pours hubby hot oil after conniving with lover to desert him. Benson Nhekairo claims that his wife Angela Nhekairo was out to take his life as part of an elaborate plan that she hatched in cahoots with a man she is allegedly having extramarital affair with. The homewrecker has been identified as Farai Musiya whom Angela reportedly refers to as Baba Norm.

In a heart rendering incident, a church elder who was recently scalded with boiling cooking oil for allegedly cheating on his wife has dismissed the infidelity rumours and revealed shocking revelations.

iHarare has picked up information tabloid paper, H-Metro that, Benson who hogged headlines last week after being scalded by his wife over his philandering ways is, in fact, the victim in the bitter domestic wrangle. In an exclusive hospital bedside interview with the publication over the weekend, an ailing Benson shared the mind-boggling details of how his wife had attempted to take his life.

I was seated in the lounge when she poured the heated cooking oil on me. All this happened in full view of my 20 –year old daughter as well as maid. I am in pain and would want to rest while thanking God for saving my life but Angela’s lies cannot go unchallenged. How does a woman who is being beaten get time to heat cooking oil for that long? She is on a mission to tarnish my image and that of the church.

I don’t know where the church is coming in…this a marital issue that is now being handled by our very able Zimbabwe Republic Police. Benson, who has skin from his entire back and part of the face peeling off, struggled to contain his tears as he narrated the gory details.

I am not a law expert but this is attempted murder. For 15-20 minutes she heated two litres of cooking oil before pouring it on me. It was planned. How cruel can a person be.

I overheard my wife talking to her lover Farai Musiya… ,who she normally refers to as Baba Norm, planning to take our kids to Canada and decided to play it cool. On the fateful day I looked for my passport as well as those of the kids and could not find them in the drawer we always have them stored.

I asked Angela about the whereabouts of the passports and she could not give a satisfactory answer. Instead of confronting her I went and sat in the lounge where the next thing I felt was a stinging heat that sent shivers down my spine.

I have never felt such pain in my life. I took off my clothes in front of my daughter and maid, and yelled for help. We rubbed margarine and eggs on my skin in a desperate bid to reduce the pain. As all this was happening Angela was on the phone with Cherly … and Farai Dhla… telling them that “it is done I have fixed him.”

Clearly this thing was pre-meditated, she wanted to kill me but God is faithful, I am healing. However, I am worried about the mental state of my daughter…she is traumatized because she watched all this unfolding.

Source – iHarare

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