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Commuters left stranded as Kombis double fares




Commuters left stranded as Kombis double fares. The operators stated that their reason for the hike was due to fuel shortages which forced them to source the commodity from the black market at a much higher price. The distraught commuters who spoke to the Chronicle said that transport challenge started last week, but took a turn for the worse yesterday. Many commuters in Bulawayo were left stranded yesterday after kombi operators hiked their fares to double the price during the peak hours.

Zupco buses and other kombis were not on some of the routes. The commuters said they ended up opting for Mshika-shika (pirate taxis) who charged an exorbitant $15 per trip.

“I have been waiting for close to two hours each morning since Thursday last week and have not seen a single Zupco bus coming along. The kombis not the Zupco buses are there but they are very few of late and when they pass by my bus stop, they are always full. So, the only option will be the Honda Fit which now charges $8 during the day and from $12 in the evening,” said Ms Angela Mlilo from Mahatshula North suburb.

Another resident lamented about the transport woes. “Zupcos no longer come here. They all go to the Sekusile (Nkulumane 5) route because they say it is short and profitable. Kombis charge $6 but some mornings they will say $7 or even $8, in the evening. So, it’s now best to just board trucks,” said Mr Cain Mhlanga from Emganwini suburb.

As transport woes continue to increase, most commuters are now resorting to boarding pick-up trucks which charge far less than licensed transporters. Passengers ride on the back of pick-up trucks and are often packed like sardines.

Source – iHarare

Man kills 4 children after posting on Facebook that his wife infected him HIV

Man kills 4 children after posting on Facebook that his wife infected him HIV. In a mindboggling incident, a disgruntled and elderly man from Limpopo ended the lives of his four biological children in a desperate bid to get back at his bed-hopping wife whom he accused of infecting him the human immunodeficiency virus(HIV). Surprisingly, the killings occurred not long after the distressed man had taken to social media to vent out his frustrations.


The murderer, Senyatse Lucas Pasha in a series of Facebook posts poured his heart out citing unfair treatment from his youthful wife whom he sensationally claimed was spending time with her much younger boyfriends whilst denying her attention…continue reading.