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Leaked N#de pictures expose Zanu-PF official’s affair with a married woman




Leaked N#de pictures expose Zanu-PF official’s affair with a married woman. iHarare has established from the local tabloid, B-Metro, that Lizwe Clinton Mpofu got the shock of his life after stumbling onto s.e.xually explicit WhatsApp messages between his wife, Virginia Moyo and Nyoni which exposed their alleged s.e.xual affair.

Matabeleland North Zanu-Pf youth Chairman Tamuka Nyoni was recently exposed of allegedly having an illicit s.e.xual affair with a married woman after his mistress’s husband discovered graphic nude photographs of the pair whilst going through her mobile phone.

The matter only came to light after, Mpofu, a former police officer confronted the alleged homewrecker whilst armed with an axe at a funeral. A close source who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed the Zanu-Pf official’s shenanigans and also narrated the drama that ensued when Mpofu confronted the homewrecker.

The two were in the habit of exchanging raunchy pictures. Through WhatsApp, Tamuka sent Moyo an image of his manhood and she commented saying it’s big and that angered Mpofu.

He did not know him (Tamuka) so he inquired around and was told the guy who pokes his wife is a Zanu-PF youth chairperson. He was waiting for an opportunity to meet up with Tamuka and by coincidence, he met him at a burial of a child of a fellow villager at King Lobengula township cemetery in Lupane.

One of the locals who witnessed the fracas revealed that the drama ensued soon after a vote of thanks. So it happened that when Monica Ngwenya who is a member of the Lupane Local Board was giving a vote of thanks she mentioned all the important people who were in attendance.

Before she sat down we were shocked to see Mpofu manhandling Tamuka while wanting to axe him. He managed to break free and took to his heels. Mpofu followed in hot pursuit wielding an axe and vowing to finish him off.

Some of the mourners gathered intervened and swiftly rescued the alleged philanderer from Mpofu who wanted to mete instant justice on him. When contacted for comment, the alleged homewrecker, Nyoni, was quick to dismiss the allegations.

He wanted to kill me for something that I did not do. He wanted to tarnish my reputation; that is politics at play. I reported the matter to the police.

Although Mpofu refused to entertain any questions from the publication, his wife, on the other hand, confirmed having an affair with Nyoni but refused to give further details.

Yes, we were once in love sometime back and we broke up. Tell me who told you about that, if you tell me the person who told you I will disclose a lot of information,” she said and stuck to her words as this reporter refused to reveal his source.

Source – iHarare

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