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Man marries 6 different Wives one time & plans taking other 8 – Pictures

Faniyakhe Mthembu and his 6 wives

On Sunday gobela Faniyakhe Mthembu tied the knot with six different women during one glittering function. And this is only the beginning!


Gobela Faniyakhe “John 14” Mthembu (50) from Umhlabuyalingana, northern KZN, is probably the first man in the province to marry six women on the same day, and it would have been eight!

Two of the women had to cancel because they weren’t ready and asked to postpone.

Faniyakhe Mthembu and his 6 wives

“My target is to have 14,” Mthembu told Daily Sun.

He said he’d marry the others at once in June and was planning to take six more early next year to reach his target of 14.

He spent over R700 000 preparing for the wedding, including lobola for Sibongile Zikhali (49), Hloniphile Ndlanzi (26), Celiwe Ndlanzi (26), Nikiwe Khumalo (38), Thandi Khumalo (30) and Zanele Shabalala (49).

They live in the same homestead but each has her room in the form of a rondavel. Between them, they’ve produced 21 kids for Mthembu.

Zanele is the first woman for whom lobola was paid, which makes her the first wife.

Hloniphile said their husband called them to a meeting in October last year and told them the wedding would be in February, and that they must be ready.

She said they didn’t have a problem when Mthembu said he was planning to marry them on the same day.

“We were excited when baba broke the news to us,” she said.

“We couldn’t wait for the big day and thank our ancestors the function went well.”

She said they were happy together and treated each other as sisters.

Faniyakhe Mthembu and his 6 wives

“Baba gave us korobela to love one another,” said Hloniphile, laughing.

Mthembu said he doesn’t have a timetable when it comes to visiting the wives.

“When the sun goes down I decide which wife I’m going to sleep with,” he said.

“No one knows where I’m going to sleep, so I keep them guessing. I do this so none one of the wives cheats. They all expect my knock.”

Thandi, Sibongile and Hloniphile have all given him five children. Nikiwe, Zanele, and Celiwe have two children each with him.

He’s already paid lobola for the other two women an is still calling for them to avail themselves if they don’t have problems with polygamy.

His brother, inyanga Godolulalamkankane Mthembu, has 10 wives.

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