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Prophet Passion Java splashes USD30k on phones



Passion Java

Prophet Passion Java splashes USD30k on phones. The youthful man of the cloth who is not new to the controversy over his extravagant lifestyle torched a storm on social media as some of his critics accused him of showing off.

Flamboyant church leader, Prophet Passion Java has splashed $30.000 (United States Dollars) on purchasing three brand new customized iPhones. Prophet Passion’s personal assistant Ashel Muchuchu said his boss simply decided to buy the customized cellphones because he can afford.

“Prophet Passion is one person who loves having finer things in life and those cellphones are just part of the many expensive things that he owns so I don’t know why people are making a fuss out of it.

Passion Java Phones

“Few months back he (Prophet Passion) received a birthday present of a similar customized phone and he decided to give it away but now God has blessed him with three more phones. “There are people who think prophet Passion spends money on me to prove something to his critics or to compete with other wealthy people but the truth is he spoils himself simply because he can afford to do so. “A lot of people have got a similar brand of phones but customizing it makes him different from others and it shows his financial worth.


“Our hope is that when such things are posted on social media someone will be inspired to work hard so that they live the life that our prophet is living. However instead of being inspired it is unfortunate that some people think he will be showing off,” said Muchuchu. The three phones are gold coated and also have diamond logos and they are all engraved with different messages on them.

Meanwhile, social media was awash with messages of some individuals congratulating the prophet on his new gadgets whilst others were criticizing him for showing off his wealth to Zimbabweans who are hard-pressed by the current economic challenges in the country.

Last year, Prophet Passion made headlines when he splashed more than $320.000 on his birthday celebrations which lasted for the whole month of October. He also bought stationery for disadvantaged students during that same visit.

Source – H-Metro

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