Prophet reveals how he locked wife’s lover to have permanent erect!ion

Prophet reveals how he locked wife’s lover to have permanent erect!ion. Madzibaba Angrom, real name Justin Chokore,36, of the Johannes Masowe Yenguwo Tsvuku apostolic sect revealed that he was the one who had ‘locked’ Michael Phiri causing him to have a permanent erect!on which has now lasted more than 4 weeks.

Madzibaba Angrom decided to ‘sort’ Phiri after discovering the unpalatable truth that his neighbour was bedding his wife Regy Jaji (41) in his own matrimonial bed. An Apostolic Sect prophet from Eastview has freely revealed how he ‘locked’ his wife’s lover, causing him to have a permanent erection after discovering the pair’s illicit relationship.

iHarare has confirmed that Madzibaba Angrom has since sent his wife packing after discovering the illicit affair. The couple had four children together. Madzibaba Angrom also alleged that his estranged wife had numerous lovers and used to keep used condoms from their sexual encounters. In an interview with local tabloid H-Metro, Madzibaba Angrom said,

Ndiri madzibaba wechurch asi kutaura chokwadi pandaka ziva kuti Phiri aipinda mumba mangu nemudzimai wangu masikati machena uye achiziva kuti ndewangu ndakarwadziwa ndikafunga kusanganisa miteuro yangu nemishonga kuti anyatsorwadziwa.

…I discovered that my wife had been bedding several men in my absence since I would sometimes spend more days praying away from home.

Michael Phiri
Michael Phiri

I returned home a few weeks ago and caught Phiri in bed with my wife during the day…I was hurt and decided to use charms against him. Madzibaba Angrom then went on to reveal in graphic detail how he created the charms to get back at Phiri for crossing the line.

Some of the charms I used were mixed with human waste. One of my children defecated in the maize field, and I took the waste, mixed it with dog’s waste, and Phiri’s semen which he left in a condom, in order to fix him…Ndakateketera kumidzimu yangu vaera Moyo ndichichema kuti morega mwana wenyu achishorwa nevarume vari kupindira mudzimai wangu here.

In a rather ironic twist, Madzibaba Angrom revealed that his estranged wife, Regy, had also locked her lover’s manhood so that he could not get an erection with anyone else except her. Said Madzibaba,

My wife used to see how I fixed cheats, and ‘lock’ men so she too kept his semen. She had also locked Phiri so that his manh00d would fail to erect when having s.e.x with his wife.

Madzibaba Angrom went on to reveal that he has the power to release Phiri from his suffering. Outlining how he would do this, the prophet said.

…If my wife does not return, I will use her underwear, mix with some water and ask Phiri to drink it. He will be ‘released’. Phiri on the hand threatened to take legal action against Madzibaba Angrom accusing him of insincerity. He alleged that Madzibaba Angrom had demanded compensation, only to shift goalposts after receiving it.

Source – iHarare

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