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Shocker as mother beds daughter’s ex-boyfriends


Shocker as mother beds daughter’s ex-boyfriends. So dire is the situation that she is alleged to have on one occasion persuaded her daughter to break up with her boyfriend, only to bring him home weeks later. A cunning s.e.x-starved 51-year-old widow is at loggerheads with her 27-year-old daughter after allegedly going after her former boyfriends to quench her voracious s.e.xual appetites.

Nomalanga Mathole recently told SouthAfrican online paper, DailySun, that her relationship with her mother had irretrievably broken down because of her devious behaviour. Nomalanga narrated how she had found out that her mother was having s.e.x with one of her ex-boyfriends. Surprisingly, Nomalanga revealed that it was her mother who had advised her to end the affair with her boyfriend.

I saw disturbing texts. They were talking about how great their s.e.x was. I was so confused, and when I questioned her about it she lied and told me she had no idea he was my ex. But she knew he was my ex as I had told her. The relationship lasted three months because the guy always wanted to have s.e.x with me even when I wasn’t in the mood.

She also added that although she had solved the issue amicably and forgiven her mother, their relationship was tested again after her mother used the same modus operandi and brought home another of her former boyfriends.

I was shocked! He even had the nerve to greet me and they went straight to my mother’s bedroom. In the morning I asked why she was dating my ex. She told me to calm down and that their relationship wasn’t serious.

Contacted for comment, Grace did not entertain many questions from the publication but revealed that she had never gone after her daughter’s former boyfriends since they were the ones coming after her.

I don’t know how the newspaper Sun will help her. If she’s hurt that much, she should talk to me and not the media. I’ll stop. Nomalanga’s friend Princess Maleka (28) once tried to talk to Grace but she dismissed her.

I was trying to drum some sense into her head because her daughter was hurting.
She didn’t want to listen. She told me to leave her house before she called the police.
I tried but failed. I hope someone will help Nomalanga after reading this story.

Source – iHarare

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