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Tytan breaks down as he talks about his relationship with Olinda – Videos




Tytan gets emotional as he talks about his relationship with Olinda on Rumbidzai show. The drama never ends for Olinda Chapel and her family. The popular socialite/businesswoman is trending again after ex-husband Tytan broke down and started crying in front of the camera’s on a show hosted by Rumbidzai, in which the singer was speaking about his time with Olinda.

Tytan said a lot of things in the interview and one of the main things that puzzled many was that he was forced to take HIV tests time and again while Olinda didn’t take any because she was always saying she doesn’t cheat and Tytan was the culprit of cheating hence he had to take the tests.


We have the videos of the interview below. Watch them all, this is

Part 1

Part 2

Some of the comments we got from this whole Tytan Olinda saga… People lets not act like men are not abused out there. Maitt has been bashing her ex-husband right left and centre for infecting her and we cry with her. The same man says it (which OC has confirmed) just because of ndi OC toseka Tytan. OC was wrong and Tytan had the right to walk away. This is why men are being abused and not saying anything coz zim society hasn’t excepted that YES men can be abused and YES you can go out there and seek counselling.

Part 3

Source – MbareTimes

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