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Wedding Proposal Goes Wrong – Woman throws away the ring and flowers



Wedding Proposal Goes Wrong

The biggest questions that most men who are in a relationship is, How will I ask her to marry me. What is the best venue or place to pop the question? But most of all, what is the best day to ask her if she will be my wife.

One thing is for sure though, after watching this video, you will think twice before popping the question in public. Ever since that KFC wedding in South Africa, many people have been popping that important question in public, but in the below video, everything went terribly wrong!

What is surprising is, the woman said yes first and then the man put a ring on her finger. The lady abruptly stood up and threw away the flowers he had given her before removing the ring and tossing it away. To make it all worse she stood up and walked away leaving the man shocked.

The crowd of people that were there didn’t make the rejection okay… Instead, that made the whole situation look like a script in a comedy movie. Watch the video below as this Valentine’s Day Proposal went wrong!

If it was you that got rejected like that, what would you do? How would you walk away from that big crowd?

In Other News – Wedding Proposal Goes horribly Wrong – Video

Social media is now a weapon of mass destruction as we saw today when this Slay Queen from Copperbelt went guns blazing. According to the video, Precious, Chuma, Agnes, Memory to mention just a few are all poking one man not popularly known as Eric.

The Slay Queen didn’t seem bothered by the fact that Eric pokes a lot of ladies instead she was bragging that she got Eric so tired that he will not be going anywhere but will instead sleep.

We can clearly see Eric in the background asleep and snoring heavily. The Slay Queens were laughing and throwing accusations that Eric is weak in the poking department as he immediately then fell asleep. Continue Reading




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