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Wizkids appeal for financial assistance after passing A’Level with 27 & 23 points

Wizkids appeal for financial assistance after passing A’Level with 27 & 23 points. Tauro made his public appeal for assistance via state media Sunday Mail. Orphaned academic prodigy Harrison Tauro has appealed for financial assistance to further his own and his friend’s education after they aced their A’Level examinations with a staggering 27 points and 23 points respectively.

Below is his statement

MY name is Harrison Tauro, an Upper Six class of 2019 student at Corpus Christ High School. I sat for the 2019 Advanced Level examinations and got 27 points, that is four As in Pure Mathematics, Accounting, Geography and Statistics, a B in Economics and a C in Business Studies.

From the outset, let me highlight that I managed this without paying a single cent in school fees from Form One right up to Upper Six because I was on a scholarship that was sponsored by my now former school — Corpus Christ High.

The school adopted me because I am an orphan having lost all my parents at a very young age and thus could not afford the fees. Nobody was available to pay for my education.

I want to thank the school most heartily. I also take this opportunity to appeal to them not to tire but to extend this favour to other less privileged members of society.

Our dream, together with my friend, schoolmate and study mate Forgiveness Jofana – who managed 23 points, is to study for degrees in Actuarial Science.

However, I am afraid that since we got our A-Level results, we have been watching day in and day out as our dreams, ones that pushed us and sustained us as we went through our studies, fading away before us.

These are dreams that saw us spending several nights awake between 2018 and 2019, sometimes on empty stomachs. It was not easy as the scholarship only took care of my school fees and I had to augment for my food and rentals in Kuwadzana through extra lessons for various secondary school going pupils.

I am still continuing with the extra lessons, teaching pupils, in order to pay for my rent and general upkeep but the sad part is that what I am getting is not enough to take me to university to study for a degree in Actuarial Science.

I am thus appealing through The Sunday Mail, to the generality of Zimbabweans with the hope that the good Lord can touch somebody’s heart or an organisation that can kindly sponsor a university scholarship for me.

I am also extending the same appeal for my friend and study mate, Forgiveness Jofana.  Just like me, he cannot afford university fees as his father is late while his mother is unemployed and lives at their rural home.

Those willing to help can contact us through our former school, Corpus Christ High School in Kuwadzana or through my phone number 0716 751 340. They can also contact us through my friend Forgiveness Jofana on 0715 246 131.

Source – iHarare

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