Woman in hiding from abusive church elder hubby threatens to spill church shenanigans

Woman in hiding from abusive church elder hubby threatens to spill church shenanigans.  A Harare woman has gone into hiding after threatening to expose her church elder husband’s hidden secrets, who she scalded with cooking oil.

Angela has threatened to expose the shenanigans in church. She said she had reported three cases of domestic violence at Borrowdale Police Station and sometimes they would often end at counselling stage. Angela Nhekairo nee Mnaba. Angela said she scalded her husband with cooking oil as she wanted to escape from a beating he got home around 4am.

On his part, Nhekairo said he was going to handle his issues at a family level. Nhekairo said his wife was bringing problems into the home while opting to keep the scalding issue at family level. “Angela is the one in a secret love affair and not me.

“She is the root of all our problems. I will not take this scalding issue with police because it does not get me anywhere neither dies it benefit me,” he said. Angela said: “I have known no peace in our home for the past years and we are now known at Borrowdale Police Station over cases of domestic violence.

“I have wanted our marriage to work but now I feel it is high time that everything gets to be known; I know what has been happening in church and I am ready to expose it if this violent behaviour does not stop.”

She said she would only return home at the intervention of ‘powers that be’. “I have been beaten several times and when I scalded him I was defending myself as my husband was reaching for an object while he twisted my wrist,” she said. Angela said Nhekairo had come back home around 4am yesterday where an argument over US$10 600 she had once given him ensued.

“I was surprised to see him angry over the money I had loaned him. He became violent when I refused to sell the Range Rover I have been using; I told him to sell it and just give me my money.

“He then twisted my hand as I struggled to free myself. As he reached for an object, I scalded him with cooking oil that was on the stove as we wanted to prepare for the children to take to school,” she said.

She said Nhekairo had once spent the night in police holding cells after he beat her.  “Because we have children together, I had him released but this has gone too far now.

“This, I have to tell so that people know our story that we had kept in the closet for a long time,” she said. Angela said there was a pending domestic violence case before the courts but Nhekairo had never shown remorse.

Source – H-Metro

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