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Woman makes chilling confession about what they do with people’s hair in the Salon and a Harare Sangoma

Ever wondered what happens to your hair after a haircut in the salon? If you never bothered to ask this question then you will be worried when you finish reading this article.

We decided to share this after we found a picture on social media of a woman confessing and telling us how she used people’s hair to make money after visiting a N’anga or Sangoma in Harare.

The woman who works in a salon in Harare CBD confessed of how she harvested hair from the barbershop and how she took it to some woman in Avondale Harare. According to the Facebook Post, shared in this exclusive women’s group, the hair collected is mixed with some other muthi and ground to make a spice like dust.

Th spice like dust is then used for cooking and the moment it is used, the owner of the hair develops some serious dandruff. The woman went one to describe how the Avondale Queen Mother then makes money from dandruff in your head the moment you scratch it. The moment you scratch it, they make money… We really are not sure how that goes but that is what the confession said.

So I got to ask again…. Ever wondered what happens to your hair in the Hair Salon? I think from now on I will start getting all my hair and taking it home with. Below is a picture of the confession…

Harare Woman harvests Hair for Sangoma

In our culture, we have always known there was witchcraft, but this is a whole new level of kuroya. Tell us what you think in the comments…



Source – Facebook/Mbare Times

In Other News – Update – Makoni heist: Police recover the stolen getaway car

The vehicle belonging to one of the suspected illegal foreign currency dealers, Jairos Jeke, was dumped outside Glen View Police Station. According to witnesses the nine robbers, who were wearing masks, jumped off a Toyota Hilux truck armed with pistols, rifles and a machete before one of them ordered the foreign currency dealers, who trade outside Chicken Inn and Bakers’ Inn, to lie down.

Police have recovered a Toyota Allion that was used as a getaway car by armed robbers who stole substantial amounts of cash in foreign currency from suspected money changers at Makoni Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza on Wednesday. Continue Reading

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