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Yonda Thomas got scammed by an Uber Eats driver


Isidingo star Yonda Thomas has warned his followers to be careful when they order from Uber Eats, after he was allegedly scammed by a driver recently. Taking to Instagram this week to recount his experience, Yonda said that he ordered 24 hot wings and chose the cash option. When the driver arrived, Yonda realised he did not have change and the driver offered to go get change at a shop nearby.

“I gave him the money, like an idiot, and he took the money and the food. This guy was gone 15 to 20 minutes,” Yonda said. The actor said that he got worried and followed the driver on the app, which said he was only 10 min away.

Yonda Thomas

He eventually arrived and resolved everything, only for Yonda to later be told that he had not paid for the meal and his account was in arrears. Uber Eats spokesperson Monique Thompson told TshisaLIVE that the matter has since been resolved and the encouraged all users with similar issues to contact the company’s customer care line.

“If customers do have an issue before, during or after an order, we encourage all eaters to always leave feedback in the app or contact customer support, via the live chat in-app. Uber Eats customer support is 24/7,” she said

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