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Zanu-PF fears an uprising against Mnangagwa’s govt



Cde Victor Matemadanda

Zanu-PF fears an uprising against Mnangagwa’s govt. The country is going through one of the worst economic crises since 2013 characterised by severe currency shortages, scarce fuel supplies and galloping inflation. A United Nations expert last month said Zimbabwe was on the brink of man-made starvation.

Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown constitutes the biggest threat to Zanu-PF’s continued hold on power, the ruling party has admitted.

Hilal Elver, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food, made the observation after an 11-day assessment. She attributed the crisis to hyperinflation, poverty, natural disasters and economic sanctions, among other things.

The government, however, described Elver’s findings as exaggerations but the admission by Zanu-PF in a central committee report tabled at the ruling party’s just-ended annual conference in Goromonzi showed that the authorities are having sleepless nights over the crisis.

In the report, Zanu-PF commissar Victor Matemadanda said the crisis threatened the party’s own existence. Zanu-PF does not take responsibility for the chaos in the economy. “The most latent security threat that has great consequences is the unstable economy, which is largely propelled by the parallel market (black market),” reads part of the report.

“Formal trading prices are determined by the parallel market exchange rate, which has been sharply rising on a daily basis. “Prices of all commodities and services have followed suit to unsustainable levels.

“Most people are failing to make ends meet, so are poverty levels that are rising very much throughout the country. “As a result, anger is brewing among the citizens while there is loss of confidence on the direction the economy is taking.”

In January a steep increase in the price of fuel led to violent protests across the country, which were ruthlessly put down by the army and police. Human rights groups said as many as 17 people were killed when security forces fired live ammunition during the three days of demonstrations.

At least several women were allegedly raped by soldiers. Since then the government has been refusing to give the main opposition MDC clearance to hold protests, saying the situation in the country remained volatile. The central committee report recommended that Zanu-PF should prioritise programmes aimed at resuscitating the economy for its survival.

Source – iHarare

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