Zifa approach Joburg

Zifa approach Joburg. Zifa wrote to the operators of Dobsonville and Ellis Park checking on the availability and quotations of the facilities. Zifa has officially approached the City of Johannesburg for a stadium to use in their Afcon 2021 qualifier against Algeria on March 29.

H-Metro Sport reported on Wednesday that the football governing body opted for South Africa just after the communication from CAF. As of yesterday, they had received a quotation for Dobsonville, which is available for use.

They were still waiting for communication on Ellis Park for comparison.  “While efforts are being made to work on the local stadiums, they (Zifa) wrote to the owners of Dobsonville and Ellis Park requesting to use the Stadiums.

“The quotation for the first stadium is already here and they are waiting for Ellis Park to make a comparison. So for now it’s between those two stadiums.

“They want the match to be played in Johannesburg given the number of Zimbabweans in that city and its environs. And besides, South Africans are our neighbours, they will rally behind us,” said a source at 53 Livingstone House.

Run by Stadium Management South Africa, Dobsonville has a carrying capacity of about 24 000.

Ellis Park is run by Ellis Park World of Sport, with a carrying capacity of 62 000. Sports Minister Kirsty Coventry took to Twitter saying she is taking responsibility to improve the stadiums but said it cannot be done overnight.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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