Zim woman caught bedding best friend’s hubby in Cape Town – Video

Zim woman caught bedding best friend’s hubby in Cape Town – Video. Cheating is becoming like a lifestyle for Zimbabwean women. Recently there has been a high record number of cases women especially married women who are cheating on their husbands.

The first one that really caught our attention was of Mai Prince who had lied to her lover that her husband was dead. Mai Prince’s video went viral to an extent that the cheating man she was with was made a public person and his background was checked.

Well here we have another video of a woman who is being referred to as Amai Ano who was busted cheating and this time, the woman was cheating with her best friends husband. From the videos we have, the incident  happened in Cape Town and  here are the videos below


More information to follow

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In other news – Back with a bang Uncle Roland buys himself a new toy: Pic

Uncle Roland buys himself a new toy: Pic. It seems things have fallen back to good times again for Roland Muchegwa aka Minister of Blessrs or Uncle Roland as he spoiled himself with a new car. The Petroleum business mogul has had a rough couple of months after it seemed his business was in danger and could have been shutdown.Ucle Roland

iHarare has also learnt that the big spender who has been under investigation for alleged misdealings is currently under lockdown with his fuel depot in Johannesburg temporarily shut down…continue reading.


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