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Bounty Lisa: I will never lose faith in Prophet Magaya

Bounty Lisa

Bounty Lisa: I will never lose faith in Prophet Magaya. Bounty Lisa is one of the leading lights in Zimdancehall, and she was recently in the limelight after developing a growth on her leg that saw her going to Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries in search of divine help.  Although she ended up going to the hospital, she said she still had faith in Magaya.


I did not lose faith in him and I will never. Prophet Magaya healed me. He monitored my health ever since I went to his church and he helped me with prayers and his anointed items until the growth on my leg burst.

Then he told me to go to hospital so that the wound would be cleaned up. So, I will never lose faith in him and I am forever grateful to him for helping me.

No smoking business

I am not sure about that because my relationship with (other) artistes is strictly business and we socialise away from our personal lives. I haven’t been in their private lives to see who takes drugs or who doesn’t.

Back in the groove

Yes, I am back on my feet now and ready to mash it up again.

Dealing with illness

It affected my whole life because ever since I got sick, I wasn’t doing any work, performances or public appearances because all my clothes were not fitting my leg. So, it was very challenging because I am the breadwinner of my family. I had to continue doing studio sessions so I could get a little money to take care of myself and my family.

S.e.x pests

I’ve never been in those situations. I think because I am not just friendly and free with everyone. I have self-respect. I go to clubs only when I have a show and do my work and go home.


Oh, I love eggs so much. I eat eggs every day; with bread, rice and sadza. I love them in all sorts of recipes — boiled, fried, sunny-side-up, omelette. I can never have enough of them. That’s my favourite thing.

Television junkie

I usually sleep around 3am and woke up by 10am. I do laundry, I bath, I eat and I then watch movies until the television says I am done. I love series and I watch a season or two a day. I love my phone, my television, my laptop, my bed and my alone time. That’s like my normal day.

Best-kept secret

I do not smoke, I don’t do alcohol or anything of that sort. Whether it’s on my birthday or whatever, I go for Coke and juices. I am a very respectful person. I was raised with respect, so if there is a person I hate, it’s the person with no respect for others.
I am a very short-tempered person, but I am also very sweet if I am not provoked.

Source – NewsDay

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