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Deceptive vendor caught on camera – Video


Deceptive vendor caught on camera – Video. With most Zimbabweans working in the informal sector, various under-hand tactics are reportedly being employed by some unscrupulous sellers hoping to maximise on profits.

As the economic crisis in the country persists with ordinary citizens feeling the pinch, some desperate individuals have turned to trickery to sustain their livelihoods.

In a hilarious but very sad video that has been making rounds on social media, a vendor selling fresh tomatoes along the road was caught on camera trying to get the better of her unsuspecting customers.

The woman, who can be seen hurriedly approaching her client’s car in the undated video footage, holds out a bucket full of tomatoes which she is advertising by the roadside. After inquiring the price of the tomatoes, the customers are in disbelief over how low-priced the vegetables are.

The vendor then reasons with them, claiming that her goods are actually over-priced. Unfortunately for the vendor, her explanation only raises the customers’ suspicion forcing them to make an investigation.

The customers then take a closer look and meticulously check each tomato, much to the vendor’s chagrin. The two customers finally confirm their suspicions after discovering that the bucket full of tomatoes is actually empty at the bottom.

See video below


Source – iHarare

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