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NetOne to hike data, sms, voice call tariffs effective 17th March


NetOne to hike data, SMS, voice call tariffs effective 17th March. The second-largest mobile network operator, NetOne has released new tariffs for data, SMS and voice calls with effect from 17th of March 2020

Below are the new tariffs.

Tariffs NetOne


NetOne to NetOne – 1.42

NetOne to Other (Local) – 1.42

Voice Mail Retrieval – 1.42


International Calls Regional (fixed) – 6.56; (mobile) – 9.90

NetOne to UK – 9.90

Group 1 (Fixed) – 10.62; (mobile) – 12.76

Group 2 (Fixed) – 16.33; (mobile) – 17.76

Group 3 (Fixed) – 23.47; (mobile) – 24.67

Data/MB – 0.29

USSD/Session – 0.38

SMS: Local – 0.38; International – 2.4

Meanwhile, in related news, NetOne is in the middle of legal wrangle which has seen its CEO going on suspension. Embattled NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenge recorded a victory in court after winning a case in which he was challenging his suspension.

Mr Muchenje was suspended in February following allegations of incompetence and failure to execute his duties. Chief finance officer Mr Tinashe Severa was also shown the door and put on suspension.

The board claim that Mr Muchenje failed to provide documentation to the company’s auditors, partook in unprocedural procurement of fuel and contravened the exchange control rules by NetOne’s bureau de change units.

In his court challenge, Muchenje argued that the special resolution to suspend him was patently unlawful and a nullity. He argued that the board meeting which resolved to suspend him was unlawful therefore the decision passed by the board was also unlawful.

The presiding Justice Chirawu-Mugomba ruled in favour of Mr Muchenje, saying the resolution to suspend him was made by an improperly constituted meeting. NetOne argued that the matter had been brought before the wrong court, saying the Labour Court had jurisdiction to hear the matter.

Source – iHarare

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