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Pasi NemaH*Re! Female Evangelist shocks congregates as she goes expl!cit during a Sermon


Pasi NemaH*Re! Female Evangelist shocks congregate as she goes expl!cit during a Sermon. The sharpshooting reverend has become quite a favourite with her congregation for her no holds barred speeches. The preacher recently gave an impassioned sermon against homewreckers.

Clergywoman, Evangelist Gwenyaya is not one lady to mince her words when delivering her sermon.

Pasi nehupombwe, pasi nevanotora varume vevanhu, pasi nevanoputsa dzimba dzevanhu. Pasi nemah*re. Kana usina kudavira ndati pasi nemah*re echirume, echikadzi! (Down with adultery, men snatchers,home wreckers, down with prost_itutes, if you you didn’t get me right I said down with prost_itutes, male or female!)

Talk about a mic drop from the evangelist! Meanwhile, some churches have indefinitely postponed services and religious rites which involve mass gatherings while others are limiting the number of people who can attend a service after the country declared the Coronavirus a national disaster.

A number of churches are resorting to live-streaming services so that congregants can watch from home.

The Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe has indefinitely suspended obligatory Mass for the vulnerable age groups and banned some traditional church rituals such as shaking hands and receiving communion with one’s tongue to contain spread of coronavirus.

Apostolic Faith Mission, Harvest House International, Celebration Church and Word of Life have resolved to split services to ensure there are no more than 100 congregants at any given event.

The Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Zimbabwe has already postponed services following instructions from their church leaders in Utah, United States of America,

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Source – iHarare

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