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Suspected thief mauled by dogs – Video

Thief Mauled

Suspected thief mauled by dogs – Video. A heartbreaking video is doing the rounds showing a would-be thief’s attempt to burgle a house getting a foiled by two dogs. The video which has gone viral shows the man getting bitten by two Rottweilers while helpless onlookers record from outside the gate. The man was mauled by the dogs after jumping in the yard. The incident happened in Kimberly, Northern Cape.

According to neighbours who witnessed the mauling, everyone in the neighbourhood knows not to enter the yard when there is no one at home as the dogs are known to be very aggressive in protecting their turf. A witness can be heard asking the man what he was doing in the yard.

“We were walking by and saw the thug on the ground being bitten by the dogs,” said witness Tshepo Boom.

He said, “I believe the man was trying to break into the house but didn’t realise
there were two dogs on guard. I immediately started recording the video as there was nothing I could do to help him.

Efforts were made to contact the owner who was at work and the thug was lucky as the owner was just around the

The owner of the two dogs who didn’t want to be named said, “The thug got what he deserved. It is clear he was trying to break into my house” The owner also did not open a case against the thug as he believed he had learnt his lesson well.

The owner added. “He jumped over the gate and walked around the house before he met my two dogs Rover and Fence. He is lucky I came to his rescue before the dogs did too much damage on him”.


Video below

Source – iHarare

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