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Tobacco auction set to open next month

Tobacco Floor

Tobacco auction set to open next month. In anticipation of the opening of the marketing season, TIMB is in the process of engaging the Ministry of Health and Child Care on safety and precautionary measures to be taken during the season in the wake of the coronavirus.

The 2020 tobacco auction floors are set to open on April 20, 2020, Tobacco industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) chairman, Mr Pat Devenish confirmed on Thursday. The tobacco marketing season normally starts in late March.

“The season is characterised by movements and congregations of thousands of farmers at tobacco selling points both in and outside Harare.

Stakeholders in the industry should institute measures to prevent or control any real and potential outbreaks of disease,” said TIMB.

Farmers are going to get half their earnings in United States dollars with the rest in local currency at the prevailing interbank rate.

Source – The Herald

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