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Zimbabwe records two new positive Coronavirus cases, Chamisa confirms


Zimbabwe records two new positive Coronavirus cases, Chamisa confirms. In a very unsettling development, Zimbabwe has recorded two more COVID-19 cases, iHarare has established through zimbabwe’s main opposition party leader.

Speaking on his official account on microblogging site, Twitter, Nelson Chamisa revealed that he is reliably informed that at least two confirmed Coronavirus cases have been reported in the country’s capital. This comes barely a day after the first Coronavirus case was reported in the country.

Chamisa wrote,

I have just been informed by City authorities that we have two new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Harare this morning.Please takes preventive measures and exercise extreme caution wherever you are. We must together ACT to stop the virus from spreading. Remember to always wash your hands.

City of Harare Mayor Hebert Gomba also confirmed the alarming development using the same medium. In a rather terse tweet, Gomba said. New two cases confirmed in Hre, let’s work to fight this coronavirus.

The City of Harare also took to social media to warn residents to be cautious saying. Dear Residents. Council urges you all to be cautious with your health bearing in mind that two cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed at Wilkins Hospital. Measures to raise additional funding to fight the disease are being put in place.

According to the deputy editor of the Zimbabwe Independent, Brezh Malaba, the two new cases in Harare are as follows:


1. A man who recently travelled from the US (a non-Zimbabwean of Asian origin).
2. The son of a prominent Zimbo (for ethical reasons, I can’t reveal names).
But a clear pattern has emerged: immigration controls need a rethink

Source – iHarare

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