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Actress Flo Masebe’s Uncle who raped her has died

Flo Masebe

At last, actress Flo seems to be free from the heavy anger she has been carrying for some years in her life after the uncle who allegedly raped her passed on after suffering from stage 4 of cancer. She also seems unbothered by his death as she was unconcerned when he was sick.

Flo Masebe

Award-winning TV actress Flo Masebe‘s alleged paedophile uncle has died. Masebe poured her heart out last month when she tweeted that she was allegedly violated by her uncle at the age of 11 and he got away with it, after being protected by the family members.

Florence Masebe

She revealed that he was suffering from Stage 4 cancer and Flo said she was not feeling any pain for him.

This past Sunday, the actress who is not bothered all by the news, tweeted that the uncle had died. She captioned her tweet “Rest In Pieces, Paedophile.”


Fans reacted to her post.

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