Home Scandals Married woman moves in with neighbour as steamy illicit affair intensifies

Married woman moves in with neighbour as steamy illicit affair intensifies


Married woman moves in with neighbour as steamy illicit affair intensifies. The woman, Ms Nkosiyapha Ngwenya is alleged to have been having an illicit love affair with her husband’s friend who is his neighbour, Mr Samson Zwana, for some time, before deciding to break off her marriage and move in with him.

A Bulawayo woman is reported to have moved in with her neighbour whom she was allegedly having an affair with, in the process abandoning her husband of 11-years.

This follows after their affair was exposed last year, forcing them to beg for forgiveness from Mr Mehluli Ndlovu-Ngwenyama’s husband. According to state-media, Ndlovu was deeply distressed that his wife had taken their children and moved on with her former boyfriend. As if that’s not enough for Ndlovu, this happened soon after he had forgiven them for betraying him.

Speaking to the publication, Ndlovu said that: We had been married for 11 years and we have two children. What worries me the most is that my children are no longer going to school. It is painful to see my family next door every day, I am stressed. I have been living under difficult conditions.

They always tease me wherever they see me. Ndlovu also told the publication that his wife who is a student pastor at a local college once got him arrested after she reported him for alleged verbal abuse.

Contacted for comment, Ms Ngwenya confirmed the development and said she left her husband because he was abusive and irresponsible. Ms Ngwenya also said she had moved in with the man next door because they had known each other for a long time.

‘We are no longer together. I have known the man I live with now for a very long time,’ she said.

Ms Ngwenya said she decided to move in with Mr Zwana after he offered them accommodation since they had been evicted for not paying rent. ‘We were evicted for not paying rent and the man had to take us in; we had no option,’ said Ms Ngwenya.

She claimed that her husband suffers from a mental problem which led him to be discharged from a parastatal.

He is a mental patient and was dismissed from work. He was given a lot of money by his former employer and squandered it all alone. Now my children are not going to school and he is busy trying to soil my name,’ she said.

Source – iHarare

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