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City Of Harare refutes allegations of Zororo Makamba dying at Wilkins Hospital

City Of Harare refutes allegations of Zororo Makamba dying at Wilkins Hospital. However, his family was upset by the way that he had been treated at the hospital and warned Zimbabweans that they will die if they are taken to Wilkins Hospital because the hospital is ill-equipped to deal with critical cases.

The City of Harare has denied the allegations made by the family of the late broadcaster and media personality Zororo Makamba who died on Monday at the Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital on Monday due to the coronavirus. Zororo was buried yesterday.

The family also accused doctors and nurses at the hospital of neglecting Zororo in his time of need and said that their son had died “alone and scared” because medical personnel were not even checking in on him.

The Makamba also fired a furious broadside at Minister of Health and Child Care Obadiah Moyo as well as President Emmerson Mnangagwa and First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, saying that despite repeated requests and promises, Zororo was kept a the Wilkins Hospital against his wishes despite the lack of medication, equipment and health personnel invested in his care.

This is despite the fact that the family had secured private facilities elsewhere. The family also accused Obadiah Moyo of referring them to the owner of the Trauma Centre in Borrowdale who allegedly tried to extort the family of US$120 000 to save Zororo’s family.

However, the City of Harare has denied the allegations and instead challenged the family or anyone else to provide evidence to support their allegations. Writing on social media, the City of Harare said,

Harare City Council challenges anyone with information on council officials at Wilkins Hospital who demanded money and equipment from the Makamba family. We state categorically that our staff never made any such demands and that they did all they could to save Zororo‘s life.


The Mayor, cllrs and management join the Makamba family in mourning Zororo. One life lost is too many. We, however, feel there are desktop commentators with no idea what the inside of Wilkins looks like who are commenting based on false information.

Ladies and gentlemen lets focus our energies on what we can do as a nation to manage the further spread of COVID -19. Name-calling and pouring out anger will just keep us in one place. Together we will perish if we do not proffer solutions.

Sockets are there. Remember there are round and square sockets. So if one brings a different type there is always that concern.

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