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Croco Motors boss’s son in baby mama drama forced to take DNA tests

Wayne Chingwena

Croco Motors boss’s son in baby mama drama forced to take DNA tests. Croco Motors Boss’s son baby daddy drama with a slay queen takes a nasty twist as test reveals he is not the father. In a scenario which depicts TV show Maury, model Symone Jonasi was forced to swallow a bitter pill after a DNA test revealed that the man she claims to have sired her child, turned out not to be the real father.

The model was headhunting Wayne Chingwena , son to Croco Motors boss around town in a bid to make him fork out for child support and claim his blood.

In a reality TV show worthy footage of drama, Jonasi and her friend cruised around town, at every Croco Motors showroom demanding to see Wayne, who glaring absence was obvious. Jonasi alleged that Chingwena was the father of her child and wanted him to start paying up in child support.

Both parties had consented to have a paternity test done on the child. On the day in question, Jonasi and her friends believed Chingwena had skipped town fearing that the tests would out him as the father.

However, the DNA results told a much different tale. The script cited that Chingwena was not the father of the child in question.

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