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ED’s spokesperson George Charamba Coronavirus free


ED’s spokesperson George Charamba Coronavirus free. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has posted a picture of himself at his offices to dispute reports circulating on social media that he had been quarantined after contacting coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Charamba has revealed that the government and the private sector are recapacitating facilities in the health sector. This comes after reports circulated that government was installing state of the art machinery at a private hospital in Harare to cater for the political elite should they contract coronavirus.

In the picture Charamba is wearing a respirator with the caption, “Good Afternoon Zimbabweans, including my avid mongers of rumours!!! How are you doing?? Let’s keep up the fight against CORONAVIRUS!!! And of course against distracting rumours and hysteria! Love & Affection!.”

It was alleged that the government was doing this while abandoning public hospitals that service the majority of Zimbabweans.

“Government, private sector and individuals are working on various, different initiatives to ensure the country is better able to cope with the threat of CORONAVIRUS. Some of the initiatives involve rehabilitating dormant capacity in the health sector,” said Charamba.

“No facility will be reserved exclusively for a particular subgroup, class or caste. The focus is on mobilizing and rendering functional all National capacity regardless of ownership Falsehoods don’t aid the processes underway!!”

Source – Bulawayo24 News


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