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Mai Titi threatens to leak bedroom pics of Ex-Ben ten lover Zizoe

Mai Titi

Mai Titi threatens to leak bedroom photographs of Ex-Ben Ten lover Zizoe. Mai Titi, real name Felistas Edwards, is definitely not holding anything back following her tumultuous separation from her estranged lover, Zizoe PaMyk. The controversial comedian Mai Titi’s much-publicised fall out with her much younger lover seems to have gotten more explosive.

Only last week Mai Titi took to social media, claiming that Zizoe was not a rockstar in bed and now she has come out guns blazing, threatening to splash footage of their sexcapades on social media.

In a recent video making rounds on social media, a feisty Mai Titi sensationally claims that she has footage of her and Zizoe between the sheets and is in a position to leak them to social media as evidence that they were indeed having a s.e.xual affair. Mai Titi’s statement seems to have been a response targetted at her ex-lover’s sister whom she only refers to as Nyari in the video.

Mai Titi’s fairytale relationship which was under much public scrutiny fell apart earlier this month amid infidelity allegations. Mai Titi claimed that another lady had staked her claim on Zizoe insinuating that they were in a relationship before Mai Titi came along. The lady alleged to have wrecked her relationship has since been identified as Dadirayi but she is still to comment on the issue.

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