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Bev Sibanda: If l was HIV positive, Khama Billiat wouldn’t be still healthy and playing football


Bev Sibanda: If l was HIV positive, Khama Billiat wouldn’t be still healthy and playing football. The newly married, cheeky dancer hinted that she once had a s.e.xual relationship with the footballer.

Sassy and raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda has slammed rumours that she is HIV positive. She said if that were the case, that she was HIV positive, then footballer Khama Billiat wouldn’t be healthy and still playing football.

Said Bev, Dai ndine Aids dai Khama achiri kutamba bhora imi kwanai imi (If I Was HIV+, Khama Billiat Wouldn’t Be Still Healthy and Playing Football)

Bev Insta story

This is not the first time the dancer has referred to her relationship with Billiat. Back in 2013 she once grabbed the headlines after claiming that she was Billiat’s mistress, a claim which the football star vehemently denied.

At the time Bev claimed that she was in love with Billiat and the two were in a secret affair. She also claimed that Billiat’s wife knew of this affair.

Said Beverly at the time. We are in love and his wife knows about it. Now can we please change the subject. I’m not very comfortable, divulging details about my love life. I do not know how he (Billiat) will feel about this because it’s supposed to be a private affair. I made that statement unintentionally and I do not want people to blow it out of proportion. It might affect his family and career.”

Billiat rubbished Bev’s claims at the time and said she just wanted to tarnish his image. He claimed that Bev actually used to date his friend at the time and he was just the go-between guy.

He also accused her of stalking him until he cut her off. “She was in love with my friend and when they broke up she started stalking me. We used to chat on WhatsApp on general issues. I did not know she had a hidden agenda.

Source – iHarare

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