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Prophet Madungwe back with his reply from God about the Coronavirus



Prophet Madungwe

Prophet Madungwe back with his reply from God about the Coronavirus. Prophet Madungwe and God are discussing the Coronavirus. The controversial self-proclaimed man of God has struck again. The prophet who claims that he constantly have meetings with God has said that in his latest trip to heaven he and God discussed about the deadly Coronavirus and they also had the virus present at their meeting. Check his exact words in his quote…

…Masikati akanaka vanhu vaIshe, last night takataura be corona virus naMwari, takawirirana kuti muna April inge yadzokera kwayakabva ikati ichambofunga, Ndinokuudzai zvainenge yatiudza. Udzai vamwe nhau iyi…

Well, he is back with the response on what they talked about with God concerning this Pandemic that has caused havoc in the world. This is what he said he and God discussed

Behold! Coronavirus is to be terminated, yesterday we discussed with God and the flu-like plague will be removed from the Earth just as miraculous as it came. Stay awake tomorrow night l will produce the Corona judgment results. But stay away from bad sees and pray while home until l tell you updates.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Prophet Bushiri breaks the silence on Coronavirus – The virus is only targeting certain people

The self-proclaimed prophet says the virus is a sign of the end of times … but it will pass once it has killed its ‘targets’.

Prophet Bushiri

Enlightened Christian Gathering church leader Shepherd Bushiri’s video clips in which he addresses the coronavirus outbreak, which has now infected more than 700,000 people globally and killed more than 30,000 have caused a bit of…continue reading.

If you suspect you have COVID-19 infection or wish to obtain more information on this disease, please call the Ministry of Health and Child Care on toll-free hotline number 2019 for assistance +263714734593 or +263774112531