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Sulumani Chimbetu taking care of his band members says they won’t starve during the Lockdown



Sulumani Chimbetu

Sulumani Chimbetu taking care of his band members says they won’t starve during the Lockdown. This follows after President Emmerson Mnangagwa decreed that everyone should stay at home save for those in essential services.

Singer Sulumani Chimbetu has said that his band members will not starve and will be well-taken care off financially during the 21-day national lockdown which commenced at midnight.

Sulu, whose bandmates look up to him to sustain their livelihoods said everything was under control in his camp. He told local newspaper Hmetro that his band members do not only rely on music for sustenance but have other projects going on as well.

“They have Plan B and I don’t see them starving,” said Sulu. “Of course one or two might not have other sources of income but I can safely say the majority are okay.

“The majority of them have side projects which are sustaining them and I am happy that they are prepared when such natural disasters strike.” Asked about the nature of their side projects, Sulu didn’t divulge much details but he emphasized that they’re all entrepreneurs.

He also revealed that when one of them is struggling, everyone chips in to assist in the best way they can. However, Sulu admitted that some of his projects have been stalled as a result of the lockdown.

“To be honest I was also affected by the Covid-19 because we wanted to launch our album at the end of April. “There is a big sponsor who is helping us and we are simply monitoring the situation and see how it ends.

He stressed on the gravity of the Covid-19 pandemic situation and said the president had made a good call to enforce a lockdown because it was now a matter of life and death. He vowed to resume his shows once the situation is safe.

Source – iHarare

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