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Avenues s.e.x worker to languish in prison after robbing client

Avenues s.e.x worker to languish in prison after robbing client. The s.e.x-worker, Tafadzwa Makombe is alleged to have teamed up with her friend to steal from a Harare motorist who was driving his car at the corner of 7th and Street and Selous Avenue, iHarare has established from the H-Metro.

An 18-year-old self-proclaimed s.e.x worker who plies her trade in Harare’s Avenues suburb is in trouble after she robbed a motorist she allegedly mistook for a potential client.

This is reported to have been after Makombe’s accomplice had tried to lure the man to have s.e.x with her, a request which he reportedly turned down. After the rejection, She then tried to search the man but failed. She then teamed up with Makombe and managed to steal from the motorist.

The accomplice who is still on the run is alleged to have gotten away with US$162. Makombe was only arrested after the motorist caught her before she could escape. The matter came to light when Makombe appeared in court over the weekend facing theft charges.

The state, represented by Lancelot Mutsokoti alleged that Makombe viciously grabbed the complainant’s privates and he collapsed briefly during the robbery. The duo then searched him and got away with US$162. Unfortunately for Makombe, the man managed to regain consciousness before she could make an escape, leading to her arrest.

The complainant had stopped his car in the area so he could check his rear tyre before Makombe and her accomplice pounced on him.

Mutsokoti opposed bail. Presiding Harare Magistrate Rumbizai Mugwagwa, remanded Makombe in custody to March 16.

Source – iHarare

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