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Businessman killed at an all-night prayer seeking protection against armed robbers



Shingirai Khumbula

Businessman killed at an all-night prayer seeking protection against armed robbers. According to reports coming in from the Manicapost, the now deceased, Shingirai Khumbula had on several occasions escaped several robbery attempts and on the day of his untimely death, he was holding prayers at his house to keep the robbers at bay.

In the case in which a popular Mutare businessman was gunned down after armed thugs stormed his residence during an all-night prayer vigil, fresh details have emerged on the circumstances leading to the shooting.

Narrating the incident, Bishop Mandendera of the African Apostolic Church International church who was ministering together with Khumbula on a fateful night, said that Khumbula had begged him to come to his house so they could pray together since he had been having sleepless nights following the foiled attacks. After we finished the memorial service last Saturday afternoon, the deceased told me about the robbery attempts at his house. He pleaded for church members to spend the night at his house and intercede over the issue.
I was supposed to travel back to Harare, but I cancelled the trip and camped at Khumbula’s house for the prayers. Little did we know that the devil had his own plans.
On Sunday morning at around 5am during the morning prayer session, Khumbula’s maid opened the doors and the gate to do her usual chores.

All of a sudden, we heard her screaming. She bolted into the house. Before we could understand what was happening, the robbers stormed in and one of them fired a warning shot. They ordered us to lie down on the floor and we complied.

One of the robbers then identified Khumbula and force-marched him and his wife, Esteri Chirimba (35), to the main bedroom, where they loaded an undisclosed amount of money into bags.

While they were in the bedroom, we heard a gunshot, but we could not do anything as we had been locked up in another room. The robbers then drove off in Khumbula’s Honda Fit vehicle which was parked outside. Moments later, his wife came out to announce that her husband had been shot. We hurried into the bedroom and found him seated on the bed. He could not speak and we noticed that he was having difficulties in breathing.

After hearing the gunshot, a neighbour came to check on the Khumbulas. So we used his car to ferry Khumbula to hospital. unfortunately, his condition deteriorated and he died before we got to the hospital It was a painful and frightening encounter. However, Khumbula was murdered while in prayer, just like Stephen.

He will find rest in heaven. These criminals will not know peace because they have killed a God-fearing man. Their mission was to rob him of his wealth, and they got it. Why then did they kill him? Maybe Khumbula had identified them.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa said detectives were following several leads. Investigations are underway and at this point in time we are appealing to anyone with tips to come forward and share the information with us. Khumbula was laid to rest on Tuesday at his Mwacheta rural home in Chipinge. He was 42.

Source – iHarare

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