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Canada became the hub for thought-leaders of the tech industry

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Information technology enthusiasts are aggressively fighting over the on-going high trends in need of IT talents all over the world. Labelled as one of the hottest jobs right now, many IT experts see themselves today fiercely battling for employees with competitive salaries and most exceptional perks. Canada, one of the top countries in the development of technological careers, has been the target of some of our great IT experts today. 

The technology industry is currently one of the rising stars of Canada’s economic sectors, which continually grows. This has become the target of the Canadian government in attracting great IT talents all over the world. The government understands this as an opportunity to make Canada one of the most competitive countries in the world. With this, the government’s support continues to flourish. They have allotted a budget for a comprehensive Innovation and Skills Plan last 2020.

The time when everything changed in Canada

There was a time when Canada was not known as the technology hub. Everything changed by the approach of Canada’s government. Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal party won the elections in 2015. Since then, Justin the leader of the government. The young Prime Minister’s idea was to set realistic goals for the whole country. As the Prime minister believes, technologies have to be the main advantage of Canada in the era of the new industrial revolution. What was Justin’s main goal? To establish financial technologies in the economy of Canada. The first step was the adoption of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin rise in the online gambling industry

In 2017, the world saw the rise of cryptocurrencies. Especially the first crypto-based currency, Bitcoin flew to the moon. The price has increased by 17 times and investors have lost their minds. People who knew nothing in cryptosystems started investing money in Bitcoin.

The gambling sector in Canada is very popular. The gambling sector has been legalized by the Canadian government since the 20th century. Along with the new industrial revolution, gambling sector operators have been implementing technological achievements. The biggest change happened when Bitcoin was legalized and implemented in the gambling sector. It was the first big industry in Canada that allowed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Canada’s government helped companies in the gambling sector to enable transactions with the help of Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin changed the course of the online gaming industry. The trend of Bitcoin casinos was the most trusted for Canadians and worldwide gamers. Bitcoin, in general, gives the freedom of international transactions. Banks, governments and financial institutions can’t control your crypto transactions. That’s why Bitcoin casino websites became the new hit in Canada’s economy. Bitcoin gave rise to secure iGaming platforms. Canada’s online bitcoin casinos give the chance to gamers to stay completely anonymous and keep transactions secure. Sending international transactions in a few seconds without any issues from banks and government is the biggest advantage of bitcoin gaming. 

Since 2017, online gaming has set a record of contribution to the economy of the country. The role of the gambling sector, in general, has grown in the last decade. 

Canada’s right approach to Bitcoin praised by investors

Leaders of different countries have an interesting approach to Bitcoin’s legality. Many countries don’t allow Bitcoin transactions legally in the country’s economy. Canada enabled Bitcoin transactions in 2017 but still, there is one main currency. Bitcoin is not the currency, it’s just the option for digital transactions. Canada’s government could only enable Bitcoin transactions in the country’s economy while Russia and EU countries have neglected Bitcoin’s idea. The billionaire Mark Cuban believes that Bitcoin is the future of money, so denied the reality is a very bad decision. 

Tech talents attracted from other countries

Focus on technology and IT will help Canada become a place for a world-class innovation that will attract many of the skilled and educated workers around the globe. The government hopes to double the number of high- growth companies in Canada, most notably in the clean and healthy technology sector by the year 2025. The mandate of the Strategic Plan is the continuous encouragement of businesses to invest in the fast-growing innovative technology industries. This has been widely seen in British Columbia, where an amount of $26 billion was generated yearly – making it the fastest-growing technology sector in the country. 

British Columbia’s technology sector is packed with 150, 000 people working for technology. Due to this, the province is attracting many international companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, and Disney. With Amazon considering a space in Toronto for business ventures, the country-like province, British Columbia is firmly transmuting into an innovation nation, building an Al- driven economy. 

Technology is a fast-growing, changing, and innovating tradition into something better and modern. Sectors of the society were moved and were greatly influenced by the technology-driven smart buildings, data collection mediums, and other visualization technologies. Having a group of a well-trained workforce to deal with the immensely changing technology is vital. Technology enthusiasts can expect a continuously growing Canada in the mainstream of technological innovations and advances. With the advancements made in technology, Canada’s ability to market their goods and other services appear to be better.