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Canada’s First Lady tests positive to Coronavirus


Canada’s First Lady tests positive to Coronavirus. A lot of people have lost their lives to the virus since it first broke out and a lot more have tested positive for the virus as well. The Coronavirus outbreak which has continued to sweep across the globe like a biblical plague, has many people in full panic mode as they contemplate the future.

In a bid to contain the virus and protect citizens, most countries have either activated lockdown protocols, placed restrictions travelling in and outside the country and some have put travelling bans. Italy is the latest country to go into lockdown, currently, only pharmacies and retail shops remain open at the moment.

US President, Donald Trump has also banned travel to and from Europe with the exception of the United Kingdom only. Without us realizing it, the world is slowly resembling a Dystopian and apocalyptic place.

Canada is no exception to this feat, and the news that it’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife tested positive for the virus seems to have further incensed the citizens into believing that no one is safe now. According to a statement released by the government, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was said to be feeling unwell and would remain in isolation for the time being.

This follows after she had returned from a speaking engagement in Britain and displayed mild flu-like, symptoms. She tested positive for the virus.

The Prime minister has also been put under medical observation. Canadians have now turned to panic buying in anticipation of a possible lockdown and future restrictions. Supermarket shelves are now almost empty with people now grabbing utilities to stock up.

Justin Trudeau’ and wife

In a video clip with has gone viral online, several people are seen buying non-perishable foods, starchy foods, instant meals and most of all toilet paper. It’s like reading for an imminent apocalypse.


Source – iHarare

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