Home Scandals Cheated husband goes after boyfriend’s wife demands s.e.x from her

Cheated husband goes after boyfriend’s wife demands s.e.x from her

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Cheated husband goes after boyfriend’s wife demands s.e.x from her. A deeply hurt Tarirai Chimutwe, a police officer stationed at Hillside Police Station in Bulawayo, incensed that his wife Ronica Chikaanwa, was being “sampled” by Soul Chandigere, decided to retaliate by also seeking a tryst with his (Chandigere)’s wife only identified as Mai Tino.

In the wake of discovering that his wife of 12 years has been cheating on him and probably reeling from a storm of emotions, a Bulawayo man took the bold but rather unusual step when he decided to revenge by allegedly demanding s..ex from the wife’s lover’s wife.

To Chimutwe time will be the best answer to heal his broken heart, after Chandigere’s wife allegedly turned down his demands. In a fit of pique, Chimutwe started insulting Chandigere’s wife claiming her husband left her for his wife because she was not bathing and was also boring in bed.

In an emotional response, Chandigere’s wife hit back while bragging that she was now madly in love with another man who was satisfying her adding that her husband was also terrible in bed.

She went on to mock Chimutwe saying his wife and his alleged girlfriends were also leaving him because he had a small “bedroom gun” that is not good enough to satisfy a woman.

Seeing that his revenge mission had hit a brick wall, Chimutwe then sued Chandigere for disturbing his peace by allegedly sleeping with his wife. In his suit, Chimutwe whose wife’s cheating ways seem to be too much for him passionately pleaded with the court to stop Chandigere from sleeping with his wife.

In a more shocking confession, Chimutwe who stays at Ross Camp said Chandigere and his wife were always meeting at their matrimonial house in Cowdray Park for romps.

“I am applying for a peace order against Soul Chandigere who is my wife’s lover so that he stops abusing me by sending insulting messages. I also want the court to stop him from going to our matrimonial house in Cowdray Park where he often goes to sleep with my wife.

“He is also threatening that he will cause my wife to move out of Ross Camp to go and stay in Cowdray Park so that they will freely see each other without disturbances. “He is also threatening me saying he is a spiritual man and will use his spiritual powers to separate me from my wife. On 29 December 2018, he also headbutted me when we met at Sekusile Business Centre.

May the court bar him from going to my matrimonial house where he meets with my wife and has s..ex..ual intercourse,” begged Chimutwe while insisting that he still loves his wife despite the fact that she had cheated on him.


Chandigere, however, rubbished Chimutwe’s claims saying he was no longer in love with his wife. “I did not assault him. He is the one who came together with five other people and attacked me while accusing me of being a thief. He also struck me with a stone.

“I am also no longer in love with his wife and I have never been to his matrimonial house. I, however, admit that I sent him the threatening messages because he was now proposing love to my wife,” responded Chandigere.

Chimutwe was plunged into deep emotional devastation when his application for a peace order was dismissed by the court.

Earlier this month Chimutwe was also shamed by his wife who claimed he forcibly grabbed her private parts before he repeatedly squeezed and pulled them so hard that she was left in excruciating pain and unable to go to the toilet for three days.

This was after his wife allegedly refused to have … with him and also as punishment against her for having affairs.

Source – Zimetro

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