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Horror as Coronavirus suspect turned away from Wilkins Hospital without testing

Horror as Coronavirus suspect turned away from Wilkins Hospital without testing. Flora Doris said she showed symptoms synonymous with the coronavirus and was referred for further testing by her doctor however she was turned away from the hospital.

A disgruntled patient has narrated her nightmarish ordeal after she was referred to Wilkins Hospital in order to be tested for coronavirus. She said she received unprofessional treatment from the staff and was turned away without any tests done in spite of her deteriorating health

Wrote Flora

I would like to categorically and personally confirm to you all that we are screwed.

I’ve been feeling unwell all weekend. Fever, sore throat, high temperature. Was given antibiotics and there wasn’t much improvement. Today I deteriorated again and my specialist had to refer me to Wilkins.

I drove all the way myself, tears the works. Firstly no one and I mean no one can get in the premises. They stop you meters away. You have to show proof of what you need etc. It’s definitely “secured”.

After showing my letter I was asked to use another gate to enter the premises, which I did and was shown where to park and referred to the “tent”.

Walked up to the the tent and saw two fully anti virus kitted nurses and a young Chinese woman. I was swiftly shooed away and told to wait in my car till they were done with her. I complied.

An hour later the young lady got up carting her suitcase and handbag in tow. I was asked to sit and then ensued the “registration and screening” process.

Firstly the hygiene in itself of the alleged screening point is beyond deplorable and heartbreaking. The staff are friendly enough but one can’t get past the environment and the feeling that you could actually get infected just sitting there.

After supplying my name, address details I was asked a series of questions about why I was there and how I was feeling. I regaled the nurse on my symptoms over the last few days and how it culminated with me being referred to Wilkins.

After writing my narration she went to get the thermometer. I inhaled, it beeped, it read 36 she repeated this twice then said “I’ll be back”.

She walked across the path to a group of nurses and doctors.

After a few minutes she returned and said “you are free to go my sister. Your temperature is OK and we don’t feel it’s necessary to put you through the process so get antibiotics go home and rest zvinopera” 👀I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. I instead said thank you .

As I walked away still feeling numb and confused. The myriad of emotions I felt from the moment I was “referred” to suddenly being politely excused three hours later.

I feel aggrieved
I feel angry
I’m shocked

So, is this what they are doing to everyone?

How do you turn people away? Is the protocol not to test test test? For my own peace of mind I actually wished I had been tested. I was caught off guard and my usual fiesty self didn’t even fight for it.

What I know beyond reasonable doubt is that our alleged zero statistics are lies lies lies. One wonders the motive behind this and blatant cruelty. Literally sending people to death and more critically to potentially spreading this virus.

God bless Zimbabwe because we are in for a rough ride and at the hands of those who have their own agendas.

In the meantime. I am torn, do I self quarantine? What about all the people I’ve been in contact with? I literally don’t know what to do.

Source – iHarare

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