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James Makamba’s son Zororo dies from Coronavirus



Zororo Makamba

James Makamba’s son Zororo dies from Coronavirus. Prominent Zimbabwean businessman James Makamba’s son, Zororo Makamba is reported to have died from Coronavirus infection. This information was revealed by fellow business tycoon, Mutumwa Mawere who confirmed that the younger Makamba died after collapsing at Wilkins Hospital.

Said Mawere on Twitter

Mr Zororo Makamba, the son of Mr James Makamba has passed on. MHSRIEP. I have just learned of this tragic loss of life due to the virus. A giant with so much potential has fallen. Corona is real. Let us pause and reflect. Life is too precious.

Mawere was adamant that it is true upon being quizzed whether his information was correct.

This follows after Zimbabwe’s Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo professed ignorance to reports that Zororo Makamba was among the first cases of Coronavirus in Zimbabwe following the announcement by the ministry.

Said the Minister speaking to Technomag at the time. I’m not aware of that, neither have I ever come across that name Zororo Makamba, all our coronavirus patients are admitted at Wilkins, its a lie that anyone who has been recorded and confirmed to have corona is admitted anywhere, we only have 1 suspect from Victoria falls and one from Harare who was in New York and that’s the official position.

Mutumwa Mawere Tweet

According to reports, Makamba was recently in New York, which is considered a Coronavirus Hotspot and even shared his pictures on Instagram.

In 2011, James Makamba also lost his daughter Chiedza to a tragic car accident near Shamva turn-off. The businessman could not attend his daughter’s funeral at the time as he was a wanted man under the fallen Mugabe regime.

Source – iHarare

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