Leaked Video of boss assaulting employee angers social media – Video

Leaked Video of boss assaulting employee angers social media – Video. A video has gone viral on social media in which a man can be seen assaulting one of his employees. In the undated video, the irate boss angrily summons one of his workers and castigates him for sleeping on the job.

He then proceeds to assault the unfortunate man with his open hands. Two other men who are at the scene of the assault quickly slink away when the boss starts assaulting their colleague. It is not yet clear where and when the video was recorded,

In the video, the boss can be heard saying,

Handina kukuwonai makarara apa.

Ndakuti chii.

Huya Pano.

Ndakuti chii. Heh?

Shit! Ndokurova.

Basa nderekuswera muchiita zvevasikana.

Shit. Stupid!

Loosely translated, the boss is angry that he had given some instructions which were apparently disregarded. He accuses the wretched employee of lounging off and only being interested in women. The employee tries to mumble some excuse or other but this is drowned out by his boss’s angry voice.

Many social media users have expressed their outrage at the dehumanizing treatment of the worker and called on the police and the media to promptly identify and locate the abusive boss. Many people were also said that it is aggravating that the poor worker is being abused by a fellow black man. Below are some of the reactions from social media.

HMetro_ you tracked down the teacher who stole maize cobs, may you do the same. Follow up @larry_moyo that worker needs justice. – Yard Aric

This guy must be arrested for assault. We have cultivated this culture of lawlessness, pigheadedness & disdain for the poor & vulnerable. The police are also major culprits. This must be stopped. – Simon Musvosve

Ndodzorera ini ndoparinoperera basa racho ipapo – Forget Washaya

Such is our calibre at national level. Those other 2 co-employees to timid to intervene on behalf of their colleague. What can I say we are pathetic. Divided even in the smallest of issues. Zvino Pama issue mahombe tingamira?Kunyepa! – Marsh O’Ngaidze

Lawlessness. I bet he is a Zanu pf card-carrying member – Peter Magayisa

Who is this moron WeZhira? He needs to be reminded slavery ended years ago. So primitive – Chimoto

Team iri ririkubvuma kurohwa ririkumbotambiriswa marii i cant be such a coward. – Baba Brooke

Name and address please. Pane monya dzatichavapa baba ava. Nyangwe ikaita hama yavo hazvina kunaka kudzikisira mumwe munhu zvemhando yakadai. – Bridgette Muziri

Kuchiri kurowa vanhu here kumabasa kana kuti zvakapera nguva ya smith – Barbara Machekanyanga

Anojaidzwa mdara uyo arip ndotomuda manje uyo ndomupedzera uyo zvemaoko zvikaramba ndomuvinga husiku akarara chaiko –Mawere Partson 

Source – iHarare

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