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Heart-broken Mai Titi: Zizoe opened my scars

Heart-broken Mai Titi: Zizoe opened my scars. Comedienne Mai Titi says dance-hall artiste Zizoe, whom she recently broke up with, reopened her scars. She said despite Zizoe being a good person she had built trust on, she can-not picture the two reuniting after what the artist did to her.

He told me to appreciate him because he loves me despite my status. “He stigmatized me. Akandiudza zvestatus yangu kuti I should appreciate him because he loves me despite my status. “That was so wrong for him to say that to me “After all, when he got into this relationship, he knew my status so he shouldn’t have said that.

“If there is anything I hate it’s a man who will remind me of my scars. “He opened my scars if it so happens for us to get back together, maybe, but I don’t think so.

“He built trust in me when we were dating and I believed there is a man who can love me without hurting me or saying bad things about me,” she said.

Mai Titi disclaimed the rumour that their affair was a publicity stunt to prop up Zizoe’s popularity “It was not a publicity stunt at all. I was in love with Zizoe. We were in love.” “Zizoe is an amazing artist. He is a good guy and I love his music. Despite kumuramba ndinomuda, but I don’t think there is a chance of us getting back together,” she added. Mai Titi said she was not in a hurry to wed as she wanted companionship.

“We were not planning a wedding as yet. I just wanted to have fun and enjoy it. “We used to talk about it, but I told him we do one step at a time. “We were not in a hurry. It had been a long time ndisina murume so I just wanted companionship.”

Source – H-Metro

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