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Man demands back US$400 extorted from him by police




Man demands back US$400 extorted from him by police. Four members of the police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) here have found themselves in trouble after a man from whom they extorted US$400 after accusing him of engaging in illegal activities, wrote to the police boss demanding his money back.

Mandizha’s maid informed the detectives that her boss was not home and would return the following day. Tafirei Mark Mandizha alleges that sometime in January this year, police detectives approached his place of residence Northwood looking for him but he was away in Harare.

The four detectives only identified as Mazhambe, Dondo, Mupazviripo and Nezanyuta returned the following morning and found Mandizha back and allegedly searched his premises without a search warrant accusing him of engaging in illicit deals.

Mandizha alleges that the search was characterized by threats and harassments and was called outside his house by Mazhambe and Dondo who demanded US$1 000 cash for them to stop investigating him.

Mandizha alleges that he told the detectives that he only had US$100 but that offer was rejected before the detectives settled for US$400. In a complaint letter dated February 04, 2020, and addressed to the Officer in Charge Chivhu Police, Mandizha claims that after paying the money, he was threatened with unspecified actions if the matter ever came to light.

“My wife and I were harassed in front of our maid and kids as one of the detectives was holding a gun. They searched everywhere even in my cars saying that I was partaking in deals that give me a lot of money and that their bosses had instructed them to launch the raid.

“Dondo and Mazhambe, on behalf of others, demanded US$1 000 so they could leave me alone but I told them I did not have that money. After more threats, I was terrified and told them that I only had US$100 but they rejected it and pushed the figure to US$400. We had to go to town to my nephew where I borrowed another US$300,” alleges Mandizha.

Contacted for comment, Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza said he had not received the letter but will make inquiries.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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