Murdered phone dealer’s relatives invoke his spirit to avenge his death: Video

Murdered phone dealer’s relatives invoke his spirit to avenge his death: Video. The grieving family decided to resort to the traditional way of seeking justice, which has been in practice for millennia when a loved one passes under unclear circumstances. One of the family members can be heard uttering over Sipho’s grave that he should rise up and take what’s his and exact justice on whoever killed him and robbed him.

Murdered phone dealer, Sipho Ncube’s relatives have taken their zealous quest for justice further by invoking his spirit to avenge his senseless death. She pours a dark coloured concoction over the grave as she continues to utter. The discovery of Sipho’s corpse, hidden in a Ruwa bush by the police shook the nation, more so when gruesome details of his murder emerged.

So far the police have managed to arrest 3 suspects linked to Sipho’s murder, namely Munyaradzi Mawadze who is son to High Court Judge Garainesu Mawadze, his two accomplices Elvin Dongo Saungweme, 22, and Dylon David Balani, 22.

The three suspects are reported to have implicated each other in the murder of Sipho and assisted the police detectives with further investigations.

Mawadze, a first year law student at the University Of Zimbabwe was the first to be arrested at his parents’ home in Masvingo then he implicated his accomplices.  Investigations by the police reveal the three allegedly lured Sipho from his trading place in Harare CBD, under the pretext of wanting to purchase a set of iPhones from him.

They indicated that the rest of the money was in Waterfalls and Sipho joined them in their vehicle in order to go and complete the transaction. Somewhere along Chiremba road, the tune changed and the trio allegedly robbed him of his cellphones before stabbing him several times and slitting his throat.

They went on to dump his body in a secluded bush in Ruwa. Sipho’s family launched a missing person report to the police and the matter was referred to the Criminal Investigations Department, Homicide squad who worked on several leads which pointed to Mawadze.

After Mawadze arrest, the house of cards came tumbling down and the gruesome details surrounding his abduction and seemingly cold-blooded murder came to light.

His relatives obviously feel that his alleged killers deserve the full wrath of the gods for their dastardly deed. Whether they performed the ritual as an act of scaremongering or if it was the real deal, no one knows.

Research on traditional funeral rites when there has been a murder reveals that when one person, who happens to belong to a blood group, kills another person, who also belongs to a different blood group, the latter group has suffered a loss in terms of extending and expanding their bloodline.

The spilling of human blood, whether accidental or in cold blood will result in Ngozi (avenging spirit). Relations between the two family groups have been damaged, there is disequilibrium and disharmony

The departed spirits of the deceased join forces with the specific spirit of the one who was killed to wreak havoc on the blood group of the perpetrator. It is imperative to note that the avenging spirit seeks to achieve-restorative justice and it does not kill out of spite or vengeance.

Whether this is stuff made up of mythical beliefs and mere folktales is up to one’s beliefs.

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Source – iHarare

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