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New fines price as govt skyrockets fines fees

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New fines price as govt skyrockets fines fees.

The government has hiked fines which will be imposed on members of the public who violate laws by at least 900 percent. The fines can be imposed on the offenders by the police or the magistrates’ courts depending on the severity of the crimes in question. The new fines now range from ZWL$200 to ZWL $120 000. The old fines ranged from ZWL$20 to ZWL$10 000.

The new fines were gazetted by Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ziyambi Ziyambi in Statutory Instrument (SI) 57 of 2020.  The statutory instrument repealed the previous schedule of fines and replaced it with the schedule which goes up to $120 000.

Here is the new scale of fines:

  • Level 1 – ZWL$ 200,00
  • Level 2 – ZWL$ 300,00
  • Level 3 – ZWL$ 500,00
  • Level 4 – ZWL$ 1 200,00
  • Level 5 – ZWL$ 2 400,00
  • Level 6 – ZWL$ 4 800,00
  • Level 7 – ZWL$ 9 600,00
  • Level 8 – ZWL$ 14 400,00
  • Level 9 – ZWL$ 19 200,00
  • Level 10 – ZWL$ 24 000,00
  • Level 11 – ZWL$ 30 000,00
  • Level 12 – ZWL$ 36 000,00
  • Level 13 – ZWL$ 60 000,00
  • Level 14 – ZWL$ 120 000,00

Fines Fees

Unsurprisingly, the Zimbabwe Republic Police welcomed the new fines. The police celebrated that the new fines would be a potent weapon in the fight against crimes. The police promptly warned touts that they would bear the brunt of the new fines, as the police are conducting an operation against touting.

Writing on their official social media page, the police said. The ZRP has intensified operations targeting criminal elements who harass the travelling public, forcing people to board private/public transport and in some cases stealing from them.

100 touts have been arrested at various termini in Harare and other areas like Roadport along Robert Mugabe road, along Cameroon St in the CBD and Samora Machel near Harare Showground. With the recent increase in fines by the Judiciary, those who continue to commit crime will do so at their own peril.

While the police are celebrating the new fines, Zimbabweans on social media were dismayed and outraged by the news fines. It seems like most social users are of the consensus that the fines should have been adjusted to make them more meaningful.

However, most do not agree with the scale of the adjustment arguing that the government is being hypocritical in acknowledging inflation when gazetting the fines then conveniently ignoring it when awarding salary increases to civil servants.

Source – iHarare

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