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Sipho Mncube killer temporarily released on bail: Video




Sipho Mncube killer temporarily released on bail: Video. The story of the murdered mobile dealer and also a video vixen personality Sypho has twisted as new information reveal he was a gay and the accused suspect is believed to be his lover. It is believed that by the time of his passing Sipho his real name was romantically involved with Munyaradzi.

Dramatic twist of events in the death of Sipho Mncube as alleged killer Munyaradzi Mawadze son to judge Mawadze claims he was in a relationship with Sipho Mncube.

Close sources at Ximex mall where Sipho used to do his cellphone business have confirmed to the online publication that the two were lovebirds and a rumour about their gay relationship once spread at college where MJ studied. However, the court has granted Munyaradzi a temporary bail and he was released. Below is the application and the acceptance of his bail.

Munyaradzi bail Application

Watch video below

Source – MbareTimes

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