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Morgen Komichi in trouble for his Chamisa firing speech


Morgen Komichi in trouble for his Chamisa firing speech. A google search of a company called Big Brains did not yield any positive results. The Big Brains company encountered is an e-learning startup with a different logo to the one on the letterhead below. It is not clear whether this is genuine new or fake news.

MDC official Mogern Komichi has been accused by a Communications company Big Brains for failing to pay for speech services rendered to him on the 30th of March 2020.  The company said Komichi promised to pay on the 1st of April but he never honoured the promise.

One L. Mujokoro the head of Finance and Accounting said, “We hope that you are happy with our services whose outcome clearly achieves your objectives as outlined in your service requisition form.

“We, however, note with concern that despite your undertaking to effect payment of the said services on or before the 1st of April 2020, you have not paid the same and are now ignoring our calls. Your delay to effect this payment also affect third parties like our assigned staff members whom we pay on commission on a job to job basis”

Komichi has been given a deadline of 7 April to pay the bill.

“We hope that you will appreciate the sacrifice and risk they took to attend to you during this lockdown period. In the interest of fulfilling our obligations to our commission-based staff, we write to remind that you attend to payment of the said amount before Monday the 7″ of April 2020.”

Senator Komichi Letter

Source – Bulawayo24 News

In other news – Former MDC President Chamisa can form his own party

Former MDC President Chamisa can form his own party. And in May 2017, roughly 13 months after he had left the Socialist Party, to form a movement named La République En Marche, a 40-year-old politician named Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election with 66.1% of the vote.

Nelson Chamisa

So it stands to reason that even without the benefit of considerable financial resources or a long track record, a candidate’s strength of character and policy proposals can drive a new party to power…continue reading.