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Zimra introduces online tax services


Zimra introduces online tax services. Zimra Commissioner-General Ms Faith Mazani said they were doing this in line with measures that have been taken by the Government to curb the possible spread of the coronavirus pandemic by encouraging social distancing and observing the ongoing national lockdown.

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has suspended all manual transactions with clients, encouraging them to utilise the online platforms for all its operations and tax updates.

“The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is aware that due to the nature of the daily work and the positioning of our offices, stations and ports of entry, our staff are at high risk in terms of exposure to COVID-19. It is Zimra’s top priority to safeguard our employees and our clients during this difficult time while we secure the necessary revenue for the Government. In line with the State of the Nation address by His Excellency, ED Mnangagwa, on the coronavirus and measures the Government has taken, Zimra encourages clients to reduce physical visits to our offices,” she said.

Ms Mazani said in the interest of safeguarding employees, Zimra has implemented measures to mitigate the likely impact and risks of the viral threat to operations and human life. She said as a mitigating measure against the spread of Covid-19, clients were encouraged to access, utilise the available e-service facilities on the website and online so as to reduce the risks associated with travelling or handling physical documents.

“Clients can access the following services online: Use of the eTIP platform is mandatory. Online Submission of Tax Returns. Processing of the eTIP’s to be done through the system and client to receive notification through SMS or e-mail informing him/her of the processed TIP and reference number. All verifications of processed eTIP’s are verified online.

Viewing of Taxpayers’ Accounts Status and Balances. Online updating of information such as submission of REV2 Form. Online application for Tax Clearances (ITF263). Online verification and validation of existing Tax Clearances (ITF263). Online registration in order to obtain a Zimra Business Partner Number (BP),” she said.

Ms Mazani said Zimra had suspended all face to face interactions with clients. “No TIP applications are being accepted over the counter. No manual TIP’s are being issued. All face-to-face meetings with clients are suspended, and the use of electronic means of communication is encouraged. For Zimra bank details, please visit the Zimra website,” she said.

Source – Sunday News

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