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Gemma Griffiths: I connect with God in nature


Gemma Griffiths: I connect with God in nature. Before releasing the visuals to Titungamire the audio trended on YouTube reaching number three on its first week of release. Musician Gemma Griffiths has explained some of the scenes in her new visuals to Titungamire which has become a favourite for many music followers.

Titungamire video was shot in a set up of a church and a forest as Gemma shows her deep understanding of the spiritual world. Gemma has revealed that the set up of the visuals have a strong connection with her childhood and the presence of God.

“The chapel we filmed in meant a lot to me growing up, as did the people in the video.  “So this whole project has been exceptionally special and potent to me. “The idea of the chapel I knew it in an instant. I had the vision of that scene from day one. “Then it was just about choosing a date, and the right people to make it come alive,” said Gemma.

“I feel the compatibility of the song with the concept and script of the visuals is one of the presentations of the project. “Prayer is one of the beautiful parts of having a spiritual relationship with God, it’s personal.

“In the chapel, we asked everyone to pray, however, they felt, and that allowed the video to be authentic, which was what I hoped to create.“I connect with God in nature, I feel His presence very strongly there so that is why the forest was big part of the video too,” she added. Gemma has showered praises to her video director Marc Neilson.

“The visuals in the forest were filmed after the lockdown began, where I am currently staying with the amazing director Marc Neilson who directed visuals to Titungamire, Mambokadzi and Gara Pano.

“He has an incredible eye and I am always blown away by the pieces he creates. “I am also working on new stuff with director Marc Neilson. “We are putting together a few projects at the moment,” she said. She said she is happening with how people are responding to her work.

“It has been amazing. I received incredible messages and comments, and I am so grateful for that. “I feel so connected and supported by the amazing people who have followed this journey, and I am a true believer in music’s ability to connect people on a very deep level,” said Gemma.

Source – H-Metro

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