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Komichi: Thabani Mpofu now running MDC from his law firm

Thabani Mpofu

Komichi: Thabani Mpofu now running MDC from his law firm. In a wide-ranging interview Komichi said he warned Chamisa against appealing the High Court judgment which challenged his ascendancy to the MDC-T throne. “We had a meeting with Chalton Hwende, Murisi Zwizwai, Amos Chibaya and Happymore Chidziva.

MDC-T national chairperson Morgen Komichi said he advised MDC alliance leader Nelson Chamisa against appealing the High court judgment that nullified his ascendancy within the party leadership after Morgan Tsvangirai‘s death, Zim Morning Post reported.

“We all agreed that we had to advise Chamisa not to appeal against the judgment but to correct the anomaly by holding an extraordinary congress. “I had studied the judgment and discovered that issues which MDC-T acting president Thokozani Khupe raised were serious,” Komichi said.

“We had violated our own constitution and all that was needed was to right the wrongs and move on. “We made our presentation to Chamisa at his advocate chambers offices. He did not respond to my advice but invited advocate Thabani Mpofu.,” opined Komichi.

“Mpofu argued saying he had found 11 faults in the judgment so there was need for an appeal and promised that he was going to win at the Supreme court,” said Komichi.  Komichi also said he supported Chamisa from the onset because he knew he was popular but he never agreed with him on the violation of the party constitution.

“I know Chamisa is very popular and on that basis I supported him from the onset. I stood by him but I have always raised my concerns where the constitution was being violated,.

“I fought the late Robert Mugabe regime over mutilation of the national constitution. I fought Emmerson Mnangagwa over the issue of not respecting the constitution by not holding free and fair elections.

“Today I am fighting leaders in my own party because they want to continue violating the constitution. How different are we from Zanu-PF if we cannot respect our own constitution,” he said.

Komichi said he raised his concerns with Chamisa on the appointment of the party’s vice presidents. “Our constitution is very clear that the VPs must be elected at congress but he chose to appoint his cronies.

“Our constitution is very clear on how a president is replaced in case of death or incapacitation. We are supposed to lead by example but we were behaving in the same manner like Zanu-PF,” he charged. Komichi said he will continue to stand on principles and never sacrifice the values of the party for the sake of power.

“I urge all those who want to stand on principles to take a stand and never allow mutilation of our own constitution for the sake of power. “We will hold an extraordinary congress and those who want to lead will contest. We will not allow violence and dictatorship in the party,” he said.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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