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Introducing new hot Fitness model Miss Chindiya: Snaps

Miss Chindiya

Introducing new hot Fitness model Miss Chindiya: Snaps. There is a new fitness bunny/model in the house and we think Mimie Moana has found her challenge and competition now. All along she was our Queen uncontested as Letty Abs is now based in the USA.

Now things are about to get spicy and extra hot as she now has competition in the name of Miss Chindiya the name she uses on her Instagram account. Just to prove what we are talking is real see these stunning pictures of the fitness model and tell us what you think…


She shares interesting captions too: Sometimes, in times like this, you’re the only one around to keep your head held high. So wear your crown and try keep everything in perspective. Life’s always been about just taking one day at a time, only now we get to sit back and try to really appreciate that. Stay home, stay safe and if you can, stay positive and hopeful of what comes next. •

Miss Chindiya

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn RandIt always seems impossible until it’s done 💥 Day 75 of the #75HARD Program by @andyfrisella 🔥 On paper it looks so simple, but in reality it’s been one of the most difficult and challenging things that I have ever done. Let me say – it is harder than it looks. To do one day – easy. To not miss any days – incredibly hard. #75Hard is all about creating mental toughness and discipline, by committing to doing 5 things every day for 75 consecutive days, no breaks whatsoever.


 Mental toughness is a trait I most admire in human beings and is something I’m working hard to develop in my own life. When I talk about mental toughness, I’m talking about resilience, determination, focus, courage, grit, adaptability, and an overall growth mindset to build self-belief and confidence. Over time I’ve learnt these are exactly the characteristics that will make or break success — success as a mother, a father, in your career, your health, marriage, relationships, or anything worthwhile.


I went from having a negative relationship with doing hard things, to learning that the hard things are actually the BEST thing for me. There were tough times, cause if you know me, you know I love my food, so eating clean was the hardest part for me but here we are today. There are a lot of things I learnt about myself and I must say there are habits I will carry on with once this is done. It’s been a great eye opening experience. -⁠

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Gospel musician Sabastian Magacha n#de picture leaked

Gospel musician Sabastian Magacha n#de picture leaked. So Social media yesterday was ablaze after a picture of popular and talented gospel singer Sabastian Magacha’s n#de picture was leaked on social media.


The singer who has not yet spoke anything about the incident is nowhere to be found. It is believed that the girl who he was doing the video call with showing him off his mah00d is the one behind the…continue reading.